voters fraud

October 27, 2016

Good morning, we in Texas are having problems with the voting machines which trip from Trump to Clinton. The Stae of Colorado is also having problems where the people are voting twice for Clinton. info WARS REPORTER CONFRONTED THE secretary OF THE STATE ABOUT THE PROBLEM AND HE TURNED HIS BACK AND WALKED AWAY. This is an example of the  corrumption in this country. Pray for our election and country. Have a good weekend.                    Hal

rigged polls

October 20, 2016

Good day please don’t belive the poll numbers. The CNN poll is rigged as well as the other liberal media    polls pulling for Mrs. Clinton. Pray for this election please. have a good weekend.                    Hal

Bill Clinton’s Rape Victims Fear For Their Lives if Hillary Wins Bill Clinton accuser says Hillary personally threatened her

October 14, 2016

Good morning,   There are Bill  Clinton rape victims who fear Mrs Clinton as president.  She could take revenge on these women.Have a good weekend                 Hal


October 6, 2016

Good day nwell the Democrats are doing things illegaly agin. Their registering dead people and illegal imigrants. They will do anything to win. Pray for this election. Have a good weekend.                              Hal

The debate was rigged

September 29, 2016

Good day welol i guess you know that the debate was rigged in Clintons favor. She was also using hand signals. How low will this women  go? Have a good weekend.               Hal

HOUSE GOP MOVES TO IMPEACH IRS COMMISSIONER Open lawlessness defines Obama’s legacy

September 22, 2016

I hope they do impeach this corrupt person. Have a good weekend Hal

September 15, 2016

Good day, Mr. Obamma wants to permit 40000 more refugees in 2017. This is with the 10000 who are here now. We need a replacement in the Hhite House. Have a good day. Hal

Gary Johnson wolf

September 8, 2016

Good day i dont know how many would vote for Mr. Johnson, but hes a wolf in sheep skin. Hes running on Libertarian tickett.  Hes anti second amenment and a operative for the Democrats. Be careful about him. Have a good weekend.       Hal

OBAMA’S PLAN TO STEAL ELECTION FOR HILLARY The technocrats are preventing the People from choosing their own president

September 1, 2016

Good day, this is a s.o.s. Mr johnson Home Land Security is going to take charge of the election thios November. This is like the fox in the chicken house. Mr. Johnson has made derogatory remars in the past about MR. Trump. WE will ahve rigged elections if we dont do something about this. Please pray for our elections. Have a good weekend.            Hal

August 25, 2016

Good day the infowars report reveals that the Libertarian party could take votes from Mr. Trump and could cause Treump to loose the election. This Libertarian believes in global warming. I would votefor a person that believes in a myth. Have a good weekend              Hal